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Short Croatian Escape in 6 Days

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From Dubrovnik’s charm to Krka’s natural wonder, journey through Croatia’s most iconic destinations in this short 6 day Croatia private tour. Begin in the illustrious Dubrovnik, known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, with its historic walls and azure coastlines.

Sail onward to Hvar, a sun-kissed island paradise replete with lavender fields and ancient piazzas. Transition to the bustling city of Split, where contemporary vibes meet Roman grandeur. Finally, step into the serene realm of Krka National Park, marveling at its cascading waterfalls and tranquil landscapes before departing Split airport.



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Pakleni Islands


Krka National Park

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Short Croatian Escape in 6 Days

Day 1 - Dubrovnik


Welcome to Dubrovnik, the mesmerizing “Pearl of the Adriatic.” Renowned for its blend of deep-rooted history and jaw-dropping beauty, Dubrovnik is a destination where time seems to stand still. Enclosed within the embrace of its legendary medieval walls lies the UNESCO-listed Old Town, a maze of cobblestone streets that echo tales from centuries past. Every nook and cranny here narrates a story, every alley holds a secret, and every facade recounts tales of valor and tradition.

Enhance your exploration by ascending Srdj Hill, where the city unfolds before your eyes in a dramatic panorama. As the terracotta rooftops contrast against the shimmering Adriatic, you’ll understand why Dubrovnik has earned its illustrious title. Let our expert guide lead you through the labyrinthine streets of the Old Town, weaving stories of the city’s golden days, battles fought, and legendary characters that once walked these very pathways.

What’s Included

- Private Airport Transfer
- 1 nights accommodation in a 4* / 5* hotel, including breakfast, dinner, and tourist taxes
- Private guided tour of Dubrovnik city and panorama

Day 2 - Dubrovnik - Elaphiti Islands & Blue Cave Boat Tour - Hvar


Nestled a short but scenic sail away from the iconic city of Dubrovnik lie the Elaphiti Islands - a captivating blend of untouched natural beauty and rich historical tapestry. These islands are a testament to Croatia’s legacy of merging nature’s wonder with architectural elegance. Join us on a memorable voyage aboard our speed boats, as we reveal the secrets of the Elaphiti archipelago. Feel the embrace of the warm sun and the touch of the cool breeze, all set against a backdrop of the Adriatic’s shimmering expanse. Every moment on this tour is a brushstroke on the canvas of memories.

Our specially curated half-day adventure takes you to the islands’ most iconic locales. Witness the magical play of light within the mesmerizing Blue Cave and journey further to explore the Three Green Caves - each a treasure trove of geological marvels and age-old legends. Then, let Lopud Island’s Šunj beach captivate you, with its soft sand and tranquil embrace, providing a haven of relaxation.

What’s Included

- Half-Day Private Boat Tour to the Elaphiti Islands & Blue Cave
- Private Skipper, Fuel, Snacks, Wi-Fi, towels, masks & snorkels
- Transfer to Dubrovnik port
- Fast Ferry from Dubrovnik to Hvar
- 2 nights accommodation in a 4* / 5* hotel, including breakfast, dinner, and tourist taxes

Day 3 - Hvar Island Wine Experience


Discover Hvar’s lavender-scented air, cultural riches, olive groves, and storied wine history as your guide brings the island’s essence to life. Wind through charming hamlets and ancient roads to reach the first wine tasting. Then, ascend to the hilltop haven of Selca for an extraordinary lunch at a local family winery. Your meal features an array of island flavors, the chef’s creation, garden-fresh produce, and delightful desserts paired with local wines.

What’s Included

- Tour of the vineyard area from Hvar – Stari Grad – Jelsa with one Hvar winery visit and tasting
- Traditional culinary experience with local wine tasting
- Roundtrip transfer from hotel

Day 4 - Pakleni Islands Sailing Adventure


Set sail on a breathtaking half day sailing journey through the Pakleni Islands, a string of hidden gems nestled in the Adriatic Sea. Allow the gentle winds to guide you through crystalline waters, secluded coves, and sun-drenched beaches. As you weave between the islands, revel in the untouched beauty, vibrant marine life, and serene anchorages. This sailing adventure promises a harmonious blend of relaxation and exploration, offering an intimate experience of the Pakleni Islands’ natural splendor and maritime allure. Anchor your memories in the heart of Croatia’s coastal paradise. Dive, sunbathe, and explore untouched nature on this unforgettable sailing adventure.

What’s Included

- Half-day private sailing adventure
- Skipper, Fuel, Wine, Water, Snacks, and Snorkeling gear
- Evening Fast Ferry from Hvar to Split
- Port to hotel transfer
- 2 nights accommodation in a 4* / 5* hotel, including breakfast, dinner, and tourist taxes

Day 5 - Split


Explore Split, Croatia’s vibrant coastal gem and the largest city on the Adriatic. Dive into history with the UNESCO-listed Diocletian’s Palace, an ancient Roman marvel now housing over 220 structures, including modern bars and shops. Wander its historic streets, experience its lively cafe culture, and unwind on its renowned seaside promenade. Split is often filled with beautiful blue skies and milder coastal temperatures, even in winter.

Join us within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace, and our trained olive master will guide you through the world of olives, from ancient tradition to modern production. Learn how to smell, taste and enjoy three different types of olive oil, pairing them with Dalmatian delicacies. Guided tasting of three premium olive oils is perfect for those who wish to learn about Croatian traditions, customs, and ways of recognizing quality olive oil. Olive oil is paired with fleur de sel, aged red wine vinegar, freshly baked bread from our oven, cow and mixed milk cheese, dry fig jam, and homemade tapenade.

What’s Included

- Private Split City Tour
- Olive Oil Tasting and Dalmatian Tapas

Day 6 - Krka National Park - Split Airport


Before departing to Split airport, spend the morning discovering the enchanting beauty of Krka National Park, one of Croatia’s natural gems. Nestled in the heart of Dalmatia, this sprawling oasis offers visitors a journey through a lush landscape of cascading waterfalls, crystalline lakes, and rich biodiversity. Embark on an adventure in Krka National Park, where the beauty of nature combines with rich history, offering visitors an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or just looking for a serene escape, Krka promises a day of awe and wonder.

What’s Included

- Private driver
- Private Krka National Park tour, including entrances
- Private Airport Transfer

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